Hurricane season ‘heats up’ with three storms to impact the U.S.

DENVER — As Colorado’s weather briefly quiets, there is a lot of tropical activity impacting the U.S. from Hawaii to Florida.

Tropical Storm Hermine marched across the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, the storm will make landfall late Thursday or early Friday in the Florida Panhandle.

KWGN Hurricane - Hermine

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Residents along the Gulf Coast, pounded by heavy rain on Wednesday in advance of the storm, should be prepared for flooding and storm surges, as Hermine could bring up to 10 inches of rain, or 20 inches in isolated areas, according to current model projections.

“It is crucial that every Floridian has a plan in place to ensure their families, homes and businesses are fully prepared,” Gov. Rick Scott said in declaring the state of emergency for 42 of the state’s counties.

The current track calls for the storm to cross Florida before continuing northeast along the coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas.


KWGN Hurricane SatRad

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Hermine could become a hurricane as the wind has been strengthening Wednesday. A hurricane watch was in effect for the area between Anclote River, near Tampa, and Destin.

If it becomes a hurricane it would be the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Wilma in 2005.



On the other side of the U.S., Hawaii is prepared for Madeline. A hurricane that has been weakening, wind down to 90mph, and will miss the Big Island just to the south overnight — the center of the storm that is. Clouds and rain showers with gusty winds have increased over some of the Islands late Wednesday as the storm nears the southern coastline.

Just east of Madeline, and also headed toward Hawaii, is Lester. This hurricane is much stronger, winds are 140mph as of late Wednesday. This storm will weaken before it nears Hawaii by the end of the week. Yet, still possible hurricane force conditions for the Big Island to stay prepared for.