Competitive ultrarunner ‘runs’ up and down Pikes Peak 4 times

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. -- Climbing at least one Fourteener is an accomplishment in itself. So imagine the sort of triumphant feeling a Manitou Springs man got when he actually ran up and down a Fourteener four times.

Brandon Stapanowich is an ultra runner. The 31-year-old physical therapist has climbed Pikes Peak plenty of times before. But in mid-August he decided to run and up and down the 14,000+ foot mountain four times!

The first three laps he did consecutively and the fourth was part of a marathon. He completed the 4 runs within 30 hours.

Why Stapanowich did it caught Channel 2's Kevin Torres by surprise. Find out by watching this 'Unique 2 Colorado' Report.