Devil’s Head Distillery is Unique To Colorado

There’s a new booze on the block that’s making a mark in the cocktail world. Once, really only found in Europe, Aquavit is now rising in popularity and a craft distillery here in Colorado is helping its renaissance.

Devil’s Head Distillery is blazing a trail of firsts; the first distiller in Englewood and the first in the state to create Aquavit.

From grain to bottle, Devil’s Head Distillery is Englewood does it all in 2,300 square feet. “What you see is what you get in terms of space here,” said Ryan White, the owner and Head Distiller.

“I’m a 1 person operation in that I do all the production, 100% of it.”

Bottling up three clear spirits; vodka, gin and the first in the state to make aquavit, which White said is a big seller.

“It’s a traditional Scandinavian spirit,” he said. “People are curious about it and interested and the vast majority have not heard of it.”

That’s just one reason why the tasting room has been such a big hit with the craft cocktail crowd. Three nights a week Devil’s Head opens up for pinball, socializing and sipping artisan drinks creatively named after songs, literary characters and authors.

“This is called the Tolstoy 101,” said Angie Hunt.

White added, “I guess I wanted people to think they were actually drinking within the distillery.”

And, they are. Just behind a chain link fence is the whole booze-making operation.  “This is the mash ton right here, this is where we cook the grain,” White said.

“This device right here which is called the botanical basket. That’s what holds the juniper berries and all the botanicals that go into each of those spirits.”

Sprits that shape this craft distillery into something uniquely Colorado.

Devil’s Head Distillery is celebrating their one year anniversary on October 1st with live music, food and drink specials. For more information on that and where to buy a bottle, visit: Devil's Head Distillery