Denver Zoo’s Dolly the elephant passes away

(Photo: Denver Zoo)

(Photo: Denver Zoo)

DENVER – Dolly, the Denver Zoo’s beloved elephant passed away on Saturday, the zoo announced. She was believed to be at least 52 years old.

The sad news comes days after she was placed into “hospice style care” by the zoo.

The zoo said she will be remembered as one of the “sweetest and most trusting” animals that was always “young at heart.”

“Dolly’s health was in a gradual decline over the last several years, but her symptoms became more significant in the last six months,” the zoo said in a release. “She suffered from foot issues and age-related arthritis, which caused problems with her mobility. In the last several weeks of her life, her appetite declined considerably, indicating more serious internal difficulties”

Dolly was the 10th oldest elephant in a North American zoo. The average life expectancy for female Asian elephants in zoos is 46.9.

Denver Zoo currently has three other Asian elephants: males Groucho, Bodhi and Billy.