Coffee Cabin in Parker to donate all sales next Sunday to Detective Dan Brite’s family

(Photo: Coffee Cabin Facebook)

(Photo: Coffee Cabin Facebook)

PARKER, Colo. — Detective Dan Brite with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office was shot by 40 year-old Randall Rodick on Friday afternoon and has spent the past two days in critical condition.

The shootout that left the suspect dead and an officer critically injured rocked the community, but is now bringing it together.

“I know Parker is one of the most wonderful communities in the world and I know that they’re very giving, generous and caring people,” Coffee Cabin owner Wesley Crespi said.

Even a tiny little coffee shop on the corner of Parker Road and Ponderosa Street is making a difference. Crespi says that business at Coffee Cabin on Sunday, Sept. 11 will be in honor of Detective Dan Brite.

“Every single dime given through this window, every sale we ring up, it’s my promise to you we will give this to Dan’s family,” Crespi said.

After announcing the idea on social media on Sunday the donations have already come pouring in, even though the shop is closed.

“We opened the door and their was $40 stuffed in the crack of the door,” Crespi said when visiting his shop on Sunday afternoon.

Doctors at Parker Adventist Hospital, where Detective Brite is being treated, said on Sunday that they are seeing “positive progress” in his recovery and he is now responding to stimulus.

The news of Detective Brite’s improving condition is certainly a boost for the community.

“I believe everybody praying for him that’s why he’s getting better,” Crespi said.

And the support with undoubtedly continue.

“You’re going to get better and you’re going to pull through this,” Crespi said about Detective Brite. “We’ll get you back in your car and we’ll rely on you again in the future, Dan.”