NFL donates $5 million to the USO

DENVER -- Created in 1941 by President Roosevelt at the beginning of World War II,  the United Service Organization, the USO, has a simple mission, to connect America's service members to family, home and country.

The USO's mission today is as vital as ever, making soldiers feel at home when they are not.  And for the last 50 years, the NFL has played a major role in doing just that.

"When you are overseas you really take for granted how much you connect to America through football and our culture," said Lisa Anastasi, USO Chief Development Officer.

Today, the National Football League continues it's support of our troops with a $5 million donation.  Food, families and Denver Broncos alum were on hand for autographs, smiles and gratitude.

"This $5 million is a brand new effort.  It's going to go to funding three MEPS [Military Entrance Processing Station], like this one, in different parts of the country.  And also a broad campaign to really bring service members, make them feel closer to home, said Anna Isaacson, NFL Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility.

Colorado's first MEPS is located in downtown Denver and was opened in July of 2016.