Trump Jr. defends dad on donations, immigration and ISIS during interview

DENVER -- Donald Trump Jr. made a stop in Denver Wednesday. Before embarking on a series of fundraisers, Trump Jr. joined FOX31 political reporter Joe St. George to answer a series of questions about the campaign.

St. George began by asking about the report the media "blacklist" has ended -- allowing reporters from Politico and the Washington Post to now obtain credentials.

"Why now and why did you do that in the first place?" We asked.

"There is one thing to be critical there is another thing to cover lies that are then retracted once the headline is published," Trump Jr. said defending the initial policy.

"But why lift the ban now?"

"I don't know -- I don't know what the policy is," Trump Jr. said.

St. George asked about Hispanic voters in Colorado and the confusion over what exactly Trump's policy is. In speeches, Trump has said undocumented workers must leave the country immediately but in some interviews he seemed to suggest some flexibility.

"Which is the policy?" We asked.

"The policy is you can't start a negotiation with someone perpetrating a crime," Trump Jr. said.

"They all have to go?"

"Everyone does have to go," Trump Jr. clarified.

We then asked about Trump's National Security speech today in which he called for the destruction of ISIS within 30 days of his inauguration.

"Is your Dad prepared to send men and women into Syria?"

"I think he is prepared to do what it takes to win within reason --- he wants to utilize what we have," Trump Jr. said.

We asked about the report Trump donated to the Attorney General of Florida while the AG was considering launching an investigation into Trump.

"He's had a great relationship with Pam Bondi for years -- I think he has donated to politicians throughout his career as business that's what you do," Trump Jr. said.

"How do you win Colorado?" St. George ended the interview by asking.

"Common sense -- I think we are speaking with common sense," Trump Jr. said.

FOX31 also asked a series of rapid fire question's about Trump Jr's father -- you can watch that below.