Adams City HS parents upset they weren’t told about possible bed bug problem

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- Some upset parents pulled their kids out of classes at Adams City High School Thursday when rumors of a bed bug infestation start circulating.

Students said they heard from some of their teachers today that bedbugs were found in several classrooms Wednesday.

As the rumors made the rounds, the panic of both students and parents set in.

Several called up, upset the school didn’t notify them of the issue.

Dozens pulled their kids out of class before demanding answers about what was going on.

One of them, Jessica Sterns, told her senior class daughter to walk home and leave her school bags in the driveway.

“I haven’t gotten no notes from the school.  Had they found it yesterday and sent notes home with the kids yesterday, parents could have judged for themselves, should I send my kid to school today, should I put my kid at risk cause it is a big risk,” said Sterns.

After several calls, a spokesperson for the district told us that as a precautionary measure six classrooms were fumigated Wednesday night after a student and teacher found a dead bedbug inside a book that had been borrowed.

The district said no insects, alive or dead, were found during the two inspections by maintenance crews.

Parents said they still should have been notified about what was going on.

The district spokesperson said if they had found any evidence of bedbugs they would have alerted parents.

She also said an auto-dialer message did go out to parents Thursday, but that wasn’t until long after the school started getting calls from angry parents.

School will be in session Friday. All classrooms have been given the all clear.