Cloudy drinking water reported in Boulder

BOULDER, Colo. -- Residents are being warned not to drink water on Tuesday morning as construction at Boulder's water plant is causing cloudiness in the supply.

In some parts of the city, the tap water has turned brown.

The cloudiness is coming from sediment that was stirred up from the bottom of a treated water storage tank during work to prepare for construction at the Betasso Water Treatment Facility.

A calcium additive was added to adjust the pH of the water and can settle to the bottom of the tank.

If cloudiness is present, residents should run cold water until the water clears. If it does not, they should call the city's Utilities Division at 303-441-3249 and wait 30 minutes before attempting to flush the water again.

As a precaution, residents should not drink the water unless it is clear.

Some residents in southeast Boulder might also see a brown coloration in the water. That is a different issued caused by a failed control valve. Crews are working to fix that issue.

The number of households affected has not been released.