New information, new questions about Brandon Marshall’s allegations of police wrongdoing


DENVER – The controversy sparked by Denver Broncos player Brandon Marshall’s decision to take a knee during the national anthem is leading to questions about his allegations of police  excessive force, misconduct and coverup.

In response to FOX31’s questions, Marshall revealed for the first time Tuesday when and where the incident occurred.

Through a spokesperson, he said it happened on July 4 at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami. News accounts showed chaos erupted there after reports of gunshots at the fireworks show.

In an Op-Ed piece in the Denver Post last week, Marshall said he was at a restaurant with three other people.

He said when they tried to leave five officers rushed toward him to take him down.  He said the officers handcuffed him and he heard one say they were taking him in for resistance. Marshall said he was in the back of the police car heading toward the station when one of the officers radioed in and said to bring him back and they told him they would not take him in “as long as you keep this between us.”

Miami Police told us the scenario Marshall described would be a violation of protocol but they have no records of it happening.

They said they do not have any reports on an arrest or contact with Marshall.

We asked Marshall’s spokeswoman if he had any plans to file a complaint or internal affairs report with the Miami Police and she referred us to him or his agent.  We have not heard back.

A spokesman for the Denver Broncos said they do not have any information about this and also referred questions to Marshall.