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  • ISIS

    What could lure a trio of teen girls from Denver to join ISIS?

    DENVER — Three teenage girls are back in Colorado Tuesday after officials say they tried to fly to Syria to join the extremist group ISIS. The girls made it to Germany before being stopped. Two of the three girls, who are between 15 and 17 years old, are sisters. A family member met us at the door to their apartment in southeast metro Denver. He refused to say anything on camera but adamantly denied the allegations against the two teens […]

  • Sixth Avenue Elementary School in Aurora, Colo

    Substitute teacher accused of shoving elementary school students

    AURORA, Colo. — A substitute teacher in Aurora is under investigation following an accusation of shoving elementary school children. Parents say it took getting the police involved for the school to take action. This happened at Sixth Avenue Elementary School. The teacher has been temporarily removed from the pool of substitute teachers pending the outcome of the investigation. Starla Drake says like any parent, she was mad when her daughter told her what happened at the school last week. “I […]

  • Steve Gullekson's family gives him new van

    Family delivers incredible surprise to Loveland man confined to a wheelchair

    LOVELAND, Colo. — Rich Gullekson is 56 … he lost the use of his legs after a drunk driver ran over him on his motorcycle in 1976. Friday, he got an incredible surprise. He cares for a woman who was born without arms or legs, both have wheelchairs … hers is motorized. For the past three years, his lift on an old Astro van has been broken. It was chain-driven and it wasn’t strong enough to allow Sheila Eastman’s chair […]

  • Colorado State Patrol

    State Patrol kicks off ‘zero tolerance’ weekend

    DENVER — As you hit Colorado’s highways this weekend, remember to drive safely. Colorado State Patrol troopers will be out in force all weekend beginning Friday night enforcing their ‘Zero Fatalities, Zero Tolerance’ campaign. Almost 500 people died on Colorado highways in 2013. This year’s ‘Zero, Zero’ campaign aims to bring that number down. Troopers will be out enforcing traffic laws in big numbers all weekend through midnight Sunday. The State Patrol wants people to focus on driving safely … […]

  • First day of skiing at Arapahoe Basin Oct. 17, 2014. Photo credit Dave Camara/Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

    Arapahoe Basin becomes first ski area to open in North America

    SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — Arapahoe Basin Ski Area opened the 2014-15 ski season in North America Friday morning. It became the first ski area to open its lifts for the new season. A-Basin started making snow about two weeks ago, creating an 18-inch base on a run. Mother Nature has helped with about a foot of natural snow. Skiers and snowboard riders alike celebrated the first day of skiing in large numbers. A-Basin only has only intermediate skiing right now, […]

  • Ebola in Guinea

    Growing fear of Ebola spurs talk of travel bans from West Africa

    DENVER — With growing fear and anxiety over the deadly Ebola virus, the calls for a ban restricting travel to the U.S. from an affected country are growing. Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner is one of may Republicans who believes that stopping travel from West Africa is the best way to stop the spread of Ebola. But President Barack Obama disagrees. He says that could make things worse. “They may engage in something called broken travel. Essentially breaking up their trip […]

  • Arapahoe High School

    Documents reveal what students knew and warning signs before Arapahoe H.S. shooting

    DENVER — The new release of documents from the investigation into the deadly shooting at Arapahoe High School in December 2013 provides new details about the days leading up to the shooting, and the warnings the shooter gave before it happened. We now know what investigators heard from students about Karl Pierson’s plan before the attack on December 13. The documents make a few things clear: Pierson wanted to kill a teacher Pierson wanted to kill a few students Pierson […]

  • rontier Airlines jet that carried Ebola patient arrives in Denver for decontamination

    Frontier Airlines CEO writes letter to employees about response to passenger with Ebola

    DENVER — Frontier Airlines CEO David Siegel sent the following letter to Frontier Airlines employees Wednesday that details the airline’s response after learning the most recent patient diagnosed with Ebola in Texas flew on the airline with symptoms of the disease. The letter was provided by Frontier media relations. Dear Team, We know today has been challenging for Frontier Airlines team members so we felt it important to provide you with an update of the facts and our proactive response […]

  • Beware of marijuana infused candy showing up in kids' Halloween candy bags this year

    Police warn parents to watch for marijuana candy in kids’ Halloween candy bags

    DENVER — Police want parents to pay extra attention to the Halloween candy their kids collect this year, now that marijuana edibles are legal. The key is figuring out what to look for. Police say they don’t have any reason to believe this will happen, but it’s something that could even happen by mistake. “With edibles gaining in popularity we thought it was important to alert the community to the possibility that it`s easy to mistake what looks like regular […]

  • Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald and Yoda

    Answering your questions about Ebola and pets

    DENVER — The Ebola concerns don’t stop with humans. People want to know what the risk is to their pets. Officials in Dallas who diagnosed the 26-year-old nurse with Ebola also made sure her pet dog was placed in isolation as well. It turns out the risk to pets is low for them catching and/or transmitting Ebola. The CDC and the American Veterinary Medical Association want to make it clear that dogs cannot transmit the virus to humans. Dr. Kevin […]