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  • woman stuck in tub

    Elderly woman recovering after getting stuck in tub for 11 days

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — An elderly woman fell into her bathtub and was stuck there for days before being rescued, police said. The woman, 81, lives in an apartment complex in Colorado Springs. According to police, her neighbors got worried when they didn’t see her attending her garden and newspapers and packages were left sitting at her door. They called police to conduct a wellness check on the woman. Officers found the woman stuck in her bathtub. She was extremely […]

  • man-points-gun-at-cat2

    Facebook photo of man with gun pointed at cat ignites outrage among animal lovers

    CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. — A photo of a man holding a cat by its scruff while pointing a gun at it has a lot of people upset. The man in the photo has been identified as Thomas Mcguinness. According to WBBH-TV, the Charlotte County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office has investigated along with animal control officers. They found no evidence the cat was actually harmed. However after the station published a story about the photo, thousands of angry viewers have condemned Mcguinness. […]

  • Cars vandalized for poor parking job

    QUEENS, N.Y. — A vandal in Queens, New York, has lashed out at several drivers for their parking skills. According to WCBS-TV, neighbors said someone has been-spray painting messages like “Learn how to park S-bag” on a few cars. A surveillance camera at a nearby school recorded a man walking with a can of spray paint who may be the vandal.

  • (Photo: Thinkstock)

    AP analysis: Expanded state gun background checks based on flawed estimate

    DENVER — In an analysis of data compiled by the state, The Associated Press found the projected impact of a 1-year-old state law that expanded background check requirements on gun sales in the state was overstated in a budget report. One lawmaker is wondering if the Legislature misallocated millions of taxpayer dollars based on the estimate. The gun laws were pushed into law last year in response to mass shootings in Colorado and around the country. The background check requirement […]

  • reunion

    WATCH: Dog’s over-the-top excitement at reunion

    Rebecca Ehalt posted a video to YouTube of her emotional reunion with the family dog after being apart for two years. But as Ehalt noted in the video’s description, that’s like 14 years to a dog. Watch the dog’s unbridled excitement at the reunion.

  • Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

    NHTSA launches awareness program of leaving children in hot vehicles

    WASHINGTON — After more than a dozen deaths this year, the U.S. Department of Transportation has a message that parents need to hear. The agency and the nation’s network of head-stars have teamed up for “Where’s Baby? Look Before You Lock,” a new campaign aimed at highlighting the deadly dangers of leaving kids in hot cars. It’s a practice that within a month killed a 2-year-old girl in El Paso, Texas and a 22-month-old in Atlanta, and almost took the […]

  • Suspect in wild crime spree has long criminal record

    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — The suspect in a crime spree and an extended chase with police was identified Thursday as a longtime criminal, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported. Christopher David Sullivan, 37, allegedly stole multiple vehicles, threatened people with firearms and fought with a police officer during a wild incident Wednesday afternoon. Sullivan has a long criminal record, including identity theft and drug charges, according to state records. He was being held on $1 million bond. A second suspect was […]

  • homicide crime scene

    Grandfather reportedly kills nephew, himself in Fort Collins

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Two men are dead after one family member reportedly shot another and then killed himself Thursday afternoon in Fort Collins. Brandon Kapperman and Gene Kapperman both died in the incident in the 6300 block of Thompson Drive, the family said. A witness told police that her husband shot a family member before taking his own life, the Fort Collins Police Department said. It’s believed that Gene Kapperman, a grandfather, killed Brandon Kapperman, a nephew. The situation is under […]

  • labor

    Woman in labor not allowed to cross street to L.A. hospital until Obama’s motorcade passed

    LOS ANGELES — A woman who was in labor Wednesday afternoon was not allowed to cross the street to get to a hospital because President Barack Obama’s motorcade was going to pass through the area, the Los Angeles Times and the Blaze website reported. People took to Twitter to show video and pictures as the woman sat on a bus bench, waiting to get to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. One witness, Carrie Clifford, sent out a series of tweets and photos […]

  • circle

    Weird science: Circle of dots will blow your mind

    Science is cool. Especially weird science. The video above has been described as “mind blowing.” Yet the circle of dots are doing something completely opposite of what you might think. “This is just another example of looking deeper into something so simple and discovering a hidden pattern,” the video’s producers said.