A winter storm warning is still in effect for above 9000 feet until midnight. Snow will be heavy again today. Wind will also be strong so in addition to heavy snowfall, whiteout conditions are likely until things calm down Tuesday.

At lower elevations expect occasional light snow with highs barely making the upper 30s to about 40. Some of that snow might even mix with rain during the afternoon. Significant accumulation of snow is not expected anywhere except for the mountains.

Winds pick up in the Mile High City and across the Plains during the evening, with gusts to 35 mph. The wind will be from the north so that means we’re in for a drop to the lower 20s tonight. Temperatures will struggle back to around 40 tomorrow.

Christmas still looks like it has a chance for snow, but it will be during the evening and any accumulation will stick to the mountains.

Meteorologist Greg Dutra